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The year 2022 is behind us. The start of a new year is a good time to reflect on what knowledge and experience the past months have brought us and decide whether they will enrich our professional activities in the time ahead..

Last year, we carried out a number of mycorrhizations on different types of crops, including vineyards, park and street trees, and organic vegetable plantations. In every case, the results of the treatments were in line with expectations and, on more than one occasion, exceeded them. The most spectacular mycorrhizal results were recorded at Kamil Staszewski’s large blueberry nursery – both the owner and myself cannot get out of admiration. All observations concerning this treatment and the changes that occurred in the plants under its influence have been described in detail and presented on the FB pages @Mykoflor and @Polskieborówki, so I refer there for information.

The 2022 applications have confirmed – once again, in fact – that mycorrhisation pays off. Micorised crops are cheaper and easier to manage (significantly reduced need for fertilisers and pesticides!) and nature-friendly – after all, the cooperation of fungi and plants has worked well for millions of years. Fruits from such crops have better qualities not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of health: mycorrhizal fungi eliminate heavy metals and increase the content of vitamins and micronutrients that are a very important part of a valuable diet. It is therefore extremely surprising that there is incomprehensible resistance to the use and development of this biotechnology, especially in terms of what agro businesses have been facing lately. I strongly recommend that you include biological intensification in your action plans for 2023, because, as Seneca used to say, “to err is human, to persist in error is foolish”..

Please note, however, that mycorrhiza is uneven! The online range of preparations, in which mycorrhizal content is often limited to the name, is very broad and tries to be very convincing. In the meantime, only mycorrhizal vaccines that have been proven to work can produce the desired results! To the disbelievers, I suggest contact with those who use our vaccines and have reliable knowledge about it.

Wishing you health at home and in crops, I remain at your disposal.

Włodzimierz Wojciech Szałański


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