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Dec 13, 2022English

During a long weekend in November, a friend of mine travelled to Zatwarnica in the Bieszczady Mountains. I asked him to go, as soon as he found the strength, to a forested area where cowberries (Vaccinum vitis ideae) and blackberries (Vaccinum myrtillus) grow. He found the necessary strength to go in there and, as a result, brought me biological material in the form of roots and stems of these blueberries. I was hoping there would be some interesting symbiotic microorganisms to isolate. Well, and I was not disappointed; there was quite a collection of fungi and bacteria on the roots, in the stems and even on the leaves. I am writing about this because we are working on a vaccine that contains as complete a set of these micro-organisms from one habitat as possible, as they are completely ‘compatible’ with each other. I see this as an important step towards the best vaccines not only for blueberries. We will test this next season, but my guess is that these will be exceptional results of full symbiosis, which we will certainly report on. Of course, interested parties can already call about this. Below is a photo of the forest floor and some of the fungi and bacteria isolated.

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