A visit to Monika Cegiełka!

Jul 6, 2022English

When I opened WhatsApp on 30 June I saw a video, or rather two, sent by Kamil Staszewski and recorded by Ms Monika Cegiełka. They made such an impression on us that we decided to see it for ourselves, and just today (4.07.2022), with Kamil Staszewski, we visited it and are showing the photos. From the conversation during the visit, a commentary on what we saw was born:

✅ the plants grow very vigorously, despite the small (too small) pots, with almost no fertilisation and no chemical protection,
✅ they produce a lot of new shoots also from the root but also on woody stems, as shown in the photos,
✅ young growths and developing buds are plentiful.
Of course, as we have seen, the effects are hard to believe for those fascinated by the chemistry that now dominates the consciousness of many manufacturers and amateurs. However, now that more and more attention needs to be paid to ecology it is mycorrhiza that is the best solution. It offers the opportunity to produce a healthy and abundant crop without poisoning yourself or consumers. Unbelievers are invited to visit these zamicorised sites.

And now, first the video and then our photos, and I wish all growers and amateurs such plants and healthy, tasty fruit.


Włodzimierz Szałański


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