Why invest in mycorrhization?

Apr 24, 2017English, Important

Many producers of fruit, wine, olives, and other agricultural produce wonder how to combine decent yields and good quality with the requirements of organic or traditional cultivation. Of course, there are many products that facilitate this kind of cultivation, but one is unique and cannot be replaced with anything else. It is “mycorrhiza”, a set of symbiotic fungi contained in live mycelium vaccine.


Currently we are offering mycorrhizal vaccines for all species of fruit plants and many vegetables. They contain mycelium isolated from fruiting bodies and from roots of healthy plants with good growth characteristics. Mycorrhizal preparations we recommend have gone through many stages of various experiments, tests, implementations and improvements. Of course, we are still working to ensure our mycorrhizal vaccines contain the best possible types of fungi, which for example means that many of them are isolated from the roots of previously inoculated plants that have demonstrated the desired efects.


And as for the title… mycorrhization is as much of an investment as planting new plants, as the mycorrhiza grows with the plant. It cannot be treated as a single treatment, e.g. using a pesticide. As an investment, it is very profitable, because the economic results – the profit – often exceed expectations and mycorrhized crops generate higher income than crops grown without this treatment. The rate of return is a multiple of the outlay. We have a lot of evidence to support these claims, and the most persuasive is three times more olive oil of much higher quality from the OMAJOLA plantation in Croatia (WWW.omajolas.com).

At this point, we have come to a very important factor that determines the need for mycorrhization. Only mycorrhizal fungi are capable of improving both the quality and the quantity of the yield. There is nothing that can compete with them in performance and cost effectiveness; mycorrhization is the best way to enhance plant productivity and it is something that some producers hide from their competition (the producer of olive oil from Croatia has won an industry “Oscar” but hides it from colleagues).


Yield is important for every grower. But today, more and more consumers pay attention to the quality of the products they buy.  Lousy wine is cheap and it’s getting harder and harder to find buyers for; mycorrhization will allow you to make a wine that wins medals and sells for a good price in the same vineyard (we have such an example).The easiest way to do this is to carry out mycorrhization using our – unique in the world – Ectomycorrhizal vaccines. MYKOFLOR is the only company that offers this type of product.


I’m writing about wine and olives, but this strategy applies to production of all fruit and vegetables. The mycorrhization phenomenon includes almost all species and the effects, though quantitatively different, are qualitatively similar. Growing raspberries with the taste and smell of forest fruits is possible because we offer fungi from the roots of those woodland raspberries – and the best ones. Of course someone will asks for evidence. There is some on the website, but the most important proof is found in the field, where you can see for yourself and ask those who have already carried out mycorrhization.


Please hurry up! Time is running out and competitors are already using mycorrhization.



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