Important information about mycorrhiza in blueberries!

Jul 18, 2022English

As there is growing interest in the effects of blueberry mycorrhization in Polish blueberries I have decided to briefly discuss the effects observed and give a little commentary on the biology of mycorrhiza. A plant is a living organism and reacts to cultivation measures (fertilisation, chemical protection) in this way, but also to cultivation mistakes, only then it shows us with its reaction that something has been done wrong, so it is necessary to observe.
Blueberries, like all heath plants (Ericaceae), have an anatomical imperfection in that they do not produce trichomes on their roots (just look at the enlargement). Associated with this is a certain limitation in the intake of most minerals and water. Root-associated mycorrhizal fungi solve these problems thanks to their enzymatic capabilities and multiple increases in absorptive surface area, up to several thousand times.
The presence of mycorrhizal fungi on the roots causes:
1️⃣ Much more efficient water extraction, even from hard-to-reach sources,
2️⃣ Active enzymatic uptake of minerals, especially phosphorus and nitrogen,
3️⃣ Assimilation optimisation, i.e. as high as possible under the given conditions,
4️⃣ Active (jasmonic acid) and passive protection against pathogens and nematodes ; leaves and root system,
5️⃣ Mycorrhizal fungi hormonally stimulate growth and abscission.

All this and a little more makes blueberries grow more vigorously, reproduce well, assimilate more and fruit more abundantly, and the fruit is healthier and tastier. Most of the effects have already been observed in Polish Blueberries.

If you are interested, visit , where there is an extensive presentation on mycorrhiza. Blueberries are nature’s most ecological plant, because at my place the 30-year-old blueberries have never been protected by chemicals and we have sold and eaten a lot of the fruit, which I wish all growers, and which of course is hard to believe under pressure from chemical sellers.

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