Hemp vs Mycorrhiza!

Oct 26, 2021English

Cannabis (Canabis sp.)  is an annual herbaceous plant and, like most plants, benefits from mycorrhizal symbiosis, mainly endomycorrhiza, of course. But like many herbaceous plants having ectomycorrhizal fungi within its root range, it readily fraternises with them. And what results this produces, we found out from a mycorrhizal hemp plantation in Croatia, and we isolated ectomycorrhizal mycelium from these roots. Below is a table with the effects of the pressed oil analysis. Commenting on it, it can be said that there is several times more CBD in relation to the normal yield of this variety (Felina) and also the oil is much more. The size of the crop is one side of the coin, but the other side is the biological and chemical quality of the pressed oil, in which there are no heavy metals and the therapeutic effect is far superior to that of natural wild plants. We are probably the only ones in the world to have received such a vaccine and we can talk about procurement..


Hemp in Croatia

Hemp in Croatia

Canabis Hartiga net

Canabis Hartiga net

Mycelium isolated from hemp roots


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