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In autumn 2017, Ms. Agata from Żelichów near Walcz planted several thousand blueberries after their mycorrhization with our vaccine. This is what they looked like in April 2018:

After several months, at the end of August, there were already prospects for a fruitful plantation

The following year, the shrubs grew beautifully, so that the fruit yield forecasts were very optimistic:

But a visit on 3 July 2020 showed that mycorrhization provides some very important effects for the grower:

  1. Excellent rooting rate (almost no losses, only about 1%)
  2. Strong growth and tillering
  3. High resistance to diseases; plantations are not protected by pesticide chemicals
  4. 4. Early fruiting (about 0.7 kg per shrub on average) with excellent fruit taste, which results in a better sale. Thanks to this, the costs of mycorrhization have already paid off with excess.

And this is what the shrubs looked like at the beginning of July 2020:

And finally, a view of a new blackberry plantation, planted in the autumn of 2019, of course after mycorrhization:

If you would like to see for yourself, I can get in touch with Ms. Agata.


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