Further revelations in yielding of greenhouse tomatoes after mycorrhization!

May 28, 2020English

I invite you to read the previous entry regarding tomatoes. (Click)

The previous information is incomplete because it takes some time to observe this process. In another article I wrote about losses in yielding, e.g. of apple trees, strawberries, etc., without mycorrhization. I supplement this with the additional yield observed in the above-mentioned greenhouse, caused by introducing endomycorrhizal fungi. Naturally, it is the taste that is important for the consumer (much better than the taste of tomatoes from soil), but for the producer the yield produced by one plant is equally as important. Jarek told me they had one ripening fruit more in a bunch. So I did calculations of how this relates to the economics of production;

1 tomato bush produces a total of about 30 bunches throughout the season, and since there is 1 fruit more in it, it produces plus 30 tomatoes, or approx. 5 kilogrammes.

If there are 250,000 plants in a greenhouse, the yield growth reaches 1,250,000 kg. It seems profitable, even if the cost of mycorrhization of one plant is PLN 2.

Of course, the other effects are still valid, but it additionally turned out that I was right about tomato leaf miner because it is virtually absent in mycorrhized tomatoes. The effect produced on horse chestnuts in Poznań after their mycorrhization, where Professor Baranowski and I could not find the leaf miner in year three following the treatment, is repeating itself.

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