Blueberries in Żelichowo after 3 months!

Aug 31, 2018English

3 months have passed since May and our visit at the blueberry plantation owned by Mrs. Agata. Concerns about plants condition after the first visit turned out to be unjustified, since the strength of our mycorrhizal injections is salvific for them, particularly during the initial growth stage. When comparing pictures to ones taken in May, it’s hard to believe that the plants had only such a short period of growth. On a plantation without mycorrhiza, it would be possible only after the next vegetation period. The plants are well-coloured and strongly spread, they have open tips and keep growing. Next year they should yield crops f about 0.2 kg, which ensures reimbursement of mycorrhiza expenditures and further profits. And one more thing: windfalls are hard to be found on the plantation, and the whole of it has equal, dynamic growth rate.  Interested producers may ask for contact info of Mrs. Agata, so that she may confirm the story herself.

Włodzimierz Szałański


after 3 months



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