Our vaccines mycorrhizal

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“In accord with Nature” - is the motto of our company. We assume that mycorrhiza has helped plants grow for millions of years.

It is the wild Nature where we find mycorrhizal fungous spawn, extract it, isolate, breed and select the best kinds to offer our customers.

ATTENTION! The Mykoflor company does not assume responsibility for inoculums described as “mycorrhizal” and offered in packages without our logo (trademark registered).
We would also like to inform that any positive effects and results of experiments only relate to inoculums described as “Living mycorrhizal fungous spawn” (Polish: Zywa grzybnia mikoryzowa) offered by the Mykoflor company. 

We would like to proudly announce introduction of new inoculum, dedicated for Truffles (Tuber). More informations are presented in this section. Below we present photos of White truffle (Tuber magnatum), Black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), Summer truffle(Tuber aestivum)

White truffle Black truffle Summer truffle