Our truffles in Croatia!!

Two years ago we performed inoculation of hazelnut and walnut plantation with living mycelium of truffles (Tuber magnatum + T. aestivum) located in Slavonia region (Croatia) close to Novska village.

At the end of March 2014 we examined results of mycorrhization with my friend Zdravko Kvesič who is known mycologist and truffle expert. After relatively wet and warm winter we expected to find first truffle fruit bodies but sounders of wild boars came there earlier!!! Zdravko concluded with 100% certainty that truffles have already started to produce fruit bodies because of boars’ trails. Animals burrowed regular circles around young inoculated trees of 6 m diameter and depth around 40 cm. Therefore it seems absolutely necessary to fence plantation if you want to harvest truffles from your plantation.

Our observations have fully confirmed effectiveness of inocula produced by MYKOFLOR because only two years after inoculation fruit bodies of white truffles (Tuber magnatum “pico”) were developed. After Eastern we will start to return to this plantation with  trained dogs.

Robert Ślęzak