About mycorrhiza after 15 years

In this year (2013) there has been 15 years from the beginning of our work with ectomycorrhizal inocula. We have put a lot of efforts for finding and preparing specific isolates for many plants. We are proud of fact that only we are possessing in our collection symbiotic ectomycorrhizal fungi for grapes, olive trees, fruit trees, Rubus and Ribes bushes, heather family plants and important forest tree species.

Besides fungi isolated from roots of numerous plans we have collected also a lot of inocula obtained by us from fruit bodies of fungi (including truffles). These isolates are components of many our commercial inocula supplementing isolates from roots.

We can firmly state that almost all our inocula have been tested under natural conditions and their effects have been measured and published. Some of the beneficial effects of our inocula on crops can be observed without special scientific equipments because they concern influence on growth rate, blooming intensity, number and size of fruits, branching and size of plant root system etc.

For growers who sell their products as fruit or processed fruit the most important are parameters concerning plant yielding ability but quality plays an important role as well. The best examples are olives, apples or grapes. It appeared what is the most important effect of artificial mycorrhization on quality of plant products is included inside plant tissues. We have found that modification of biochemical properties of fruit are more pronounced comparing to any other non-biological factors taking altogether.

It can be expected that interest in plant products obtained under conditions of artificial mycorrhization will be considerably growing. It seems that improvement of fruit quality is deeper and more beneficial than we have expected. The great importance of such a food from health and nutritional aspects fully pay off mycorrhizas application because the following statement saying that “mycorhhizas cannot be replaced by anything” is absolutely true because is supported by scientific results.

For apples, blueberry, grapes and other fruit growers it is very important to understand that they should not lost a good chance not only for improve of yield quantity but first of all its distinctly better quality. Growing interest in improve the quality of fruit together with numerous reports concerning beneficial effects of mycorrhizas indicate need of wide implementation of mycorrhizas to orchards. We remember that taste and flavor of apples grown in small home orchards were absolutely excellent. One of the factor was that apples were inoculated on rootstocks of “wild’ apple trees taken from the forest which were naturally mycorrhized what we cope nowadays. During last horticultural fairs in Poznań we have met our customers who have confirmed such results of application of our inocula because they were positively surprised by the taste and flavor of apples.

Summing up physiological effects of mycorrhization can be evaluated as the most important because on the market high quality of plant products plays essential role.