Truffles in Serbia!

We have got order for inoculation of hazelnut plantations in Republic of Serbia (outskirts of Sombor – Vojevodina region). In total 4 ha have been inoculated with mixed inoculum of Tuber aestivum and T.melanosporum.

We were in Serbia on 10th September 2013 and our team (Patrycja Szelągowska, Jurek Nieswadba, Andrzej Klasa and me) has been performed inoculation. Inoculation has been done in a good speed, hazelnuts plants were young (one or two years old). Plantation was established on good quality soil without stones however was infested by weeds. We will test effectiveness of inoculation in the next year and we are sure that first black truffles can be picked in 2016. Next mycorrhizations are in close future.

Włodzimierz Szałański

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