Important for willow growers

Dear investors and willow growers

After analysing of results of experiments with artificial micorrhization of willow grown for energy I would like to suggest the following consideration:

– assume virtual plantation of willow for energy of area of 100 ha;

– the average yield increase caused by symbiotic fungi is 40%;

– to get the same biomass yield from untreated plantation next 40 ha have to planted;

– cost of 40 ha under Polish conditions is: cost of land: 40 × 10 000 PLN = 400 000 PLN, plus cost of planting and management in first two years: 40 × 6000 PLN = 240 000 PLN what makes 640 000 PLN (1 Euro = 4.15 PLN);

– cost of mycorrhization (inoculum plus labour) 250 000 PLN;

– so it means that 490 000 PLN is left.

Important for willow growers – based on six years lasting field experiment we have performed profitability stimulation of biomass harvested from 1 ha of inoculated willow. Experiments which started in Popowo (Gniezno region) have been continuing in Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn. From presented stimulation the obvious conclusions can be drawn that inoculation by mycorrhiza is effective in economical term because it has to been done once in plantation lifespan. Please note that income in real life can be much higher because of two reasons: mycorrhized plantation does not need fertilizers and it is more than certain that price for energy will considerably increase in the future. Therefore mycorrhization is worth to consider.

W. Szałański – MYKOFLOR