The next our visit in Croatia and its effects

In the first week of April Jerzy Nieswadba and me were visiting Croatia again. Our representative Mr. Robert Ślęzak has prepared several trials with artificial mycorrhization with new inocula which were prepared using Croatian biological materials. These new inocula are very important for success of olive trees and grapes in Croatia and particularly at Istria Peninsula.

I am absolutely sure that results of those trials will be important also in other Mediterranean areas because there frequently occurred draughts reduce profitability of these crops.

Inocula for olive trees were applied in several rows of olive orchard called OMAJOLA located at Istria Peninsula. There is certified organic plantation awarded by several awards because of high quality and extraordinary taste and properties of olive oil produced there – please browse the Website .

Picture 1 General view of olive tree orchard where mycorrhization was performed

Our inocula have already been applied at part of plantations of two another olive trees growers. There the effects of mycorrhization will be observed and if the results are positive the remained areas wil be treated.

Picture 2 Here we were working as well

Mycorrhizal isolates obtained from natural sites in Croatia were applied in vineyards where owners appreciate benefits of mycorrhizas but so far no-one was able to produce inocula with living mycelium of ectomycorrhizal isloates collected from natural habitats. We were surprised realizing that one owner of vineyard made his PhD thesis in Italy working with mycorrhiza. Vines which we tasted there showed very good quality. We have inoculated three rows in his vineyard and we believe that vine made of grapes grown there will have even higher quality what will give evidence of beneficial effects of mycorrhizas on grapes quality.

Picture 3 Mycorrhization at vineyard

We strongly believe that Croatia after joining EU will be the best example of beneficial effects of artificial mycorrhizas for the rest of Southern Europe and therefore we will visit this country more frequently.

From Croatia we have brought more new isolates of mycorrhizal fungi and basing on them we will produce new inocula for oranges, lemon trees, common walnut, common fig, other fruit trees, grapes and olive trees including truffles.

Włodzimierz Szałański