Towards New Year 2012

At first I would like to sum up our achievements in 2011.

  • On the base of fruit bodies of truffles obtained from Mr. Wiesław Kamiński ( and bought in France we have produced pure mycelia of the following species: Scorzone truffle (Tuber aeastivum); white truffle (T. magnatum), black Périgord truffle (T. melanosporum), and burgundy truffle (T. uncinatum). This set of species can guarantee fuiting of truffles in Southern and Central Europe. From mixture of three truffle species inocula for home gardening for application in Poland have been produced. In 2012 professional version of this inoculum for big areas will be ready.

  • At our nursery we are preparing seedling s of Turkish hazel (Corylus colurna) mycorrhized with four truffle species to plant theem almost in whole Europe. In the Southern Europe spore inocula of truffles have shown their effectiveness. We see similar potential for our product in Poland as well. Soon new Website where mycorrhized hazels will be sold will be lauched. Our future URL is
    Preliminary mycological analyses of hazel roots inoculated in the spring showed high level of truffle mycorrhization what can be considered as a guarantee of success in truffle production.

  • In result of our trip to Croatia we have gained to our mycelium bank new southern mycorrhizal fungi of: grapevine, olive tree, common walnut, sweet cherry and some samples from citrus species. There are very promising mycelia originated from forest habitats. In 2012 we will introduce them to regular commercial production for export to South Europe.

  • My July bus excursion to Nordkap with travel office ITAKA left a great impressions and I took more than 800 pictures. Extreme environmental conditions for plants beyond Polar Circle let live only several plants species but among them are important species as heathers and berries. I could take and isolate some mycorrhizas. At the moment Professor Orlikowski is performing growing tests and resistance tests against phytophtora and draught. The best forms will be proliferated and introduced to production.

  • Białowieża Priveaval Forest is a unique location which has to be penetrated in searching for mycorrhizas. In August 2011 together with Jerzy Nieswadba we found roots of several tree species which were essential for our collection of mycorrhizas. After laboratory processing we have got new interesting mycelium from apple, tilia, willow and pooplar. The best forms among them will be introduced to production of professional inocula. At the picture complex of fungi isolated from Salix caprea roots

  • Institute Delinat from Switzerland is interested in finding sustainable control against Armillaria sp. There is option that ecomycorrhizal fungi can show antagonism against this grapevine pathogen. In vitro tests gave promising results and next stage will be performing of test in the soil. In case of positive results growers will get a good chance for protection vineyards against dangerous pathogen.

New products in 2012

In the next year we believe that new product i.e. inoculum for horse-chestnut trees. Results of observations performed in Poznań showed significant reduction of population of horse-chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella) in trees which were inoculated with our mycorrhiza. Therefore we decided to launch new inoculate for trees grown in home gardens. Inoculum will be sold standard plastic bottles and should be sufficient for treating 1-2 trees i.e. 25 single applications.
Because of technical problems of mycorrhization which we noted among many users we have limited our offer for professionals and details will be published at our Website.
Some modifications of composition of our inocula will be published at our Website. All inocula for home gardens which were in stock in 2011 will be sold also in 2012.
Finally a few words concerning prices of our products. Price level of inocula for home gardens will not be changed. Prices for professional inocula (excluding truffle) will be reduced.
I would like to wish a very good New Year for all our customers and we believe that mycorrhiza is forever….

Włodzimierz Szałański