Mycorrhizas in vineyards – summing up!

After obtaining the first isolates of ectomycorrhizal fungus from grapevine plants grown in Holosievva Forest (Ukraine) we have established trials in Hungary and Poznań (in the period 2008 – 2011). Results were summarized by Dr. Marcin Kolasiński (from the Poznań University of Natural Sciences) and they are cited elsewhere. Professor Stanisława Korszun wrote her opinion about our inocula.

leaflet presenting the results of mycorrhiza Vine:

In 2010 we performed artificial mycorrhization using our inocula after invitation from Delinat Institute (Arbaz Switzerland). We have applied four different mycorrhizal inocula. Design of the experiment is given here

Summing up results from our experiment of mycorrhization of vineyard we can say that by any other means (of chemical or organic nature) we cannot achieved so interesting and desirable results like we did by mycorrhization. It is shown in enclosed tables. It has to be stated that results were repeated what indicate permanent effects and that symbiosis of grapevine root systems with mycorrhizas is very profitable for both partners.

Therefore we can recommend our inocula as unique in world’s scale for standard application in Polish and European vineyards. Continuously we are improving them by adding new isolates from natural habitats from Croatia and other European vineyards also originated as reisolates from previously mycorrhized vineyards.